Stars: Jamie Pressly, Jacobi Wynne, Eddie Mills, Laurie Fortier, Maureen Flannigan, Jason Behr, Adam Trese, Scott Gurney

Think: Melrose Place meets Wide World of Sports. Gymnasts, swimmers and track stars prepare for the Olympics at the fictional Cal Southern University in a drama fueled by glory, grace and hard bodies. Major competitions will become the core of the show, scheduled for every fourth or fifth episode. Stories evolve soap-style as the characters look to score on the field and off. They say: "We're really interested in the psychology of athletes and the drive and push to win at any cost,'' says Mark Perry, executive producer Party of Five. "These kids do everything to the max, not just in their professional lives but in their personal lives as well. All of us have seen those 'Up Close and Personal' profiles when we watch the Olympics, but we really don't know what drives the athletes or what their personal demons may be.'' The biggest hurdle for Perry was casting: "The challenge was finding people who are really fit as well as good actors. After we chose them, we sent them right into training.''

We say: Even our Russian judge gives this a 9.7 for concept. A soap with sweat promises real lather. And with Melrose and Beverly Hills, 90210 showing signs of age, this buff cast could catch on.

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